Thursday, February 16, 2006

I'm My Own Worst Enemy

No post yesterday because I spent most of the evening trying to recover from a huge mistake I made Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning. I was such an idiot!

I had the heel flap done and the heel turned, all the gusset stitches picked up and was getting ready to decrease the gusset when I looked at the heel and thought, "That will never fit my foot." The pattern suggested using a smaller needle than the US 2 for the foot so that the heel would wear longer and be denser. I could have sworn the pattern said to use a US 1. Unfortunately I was so sure I didn't read the pattern to find out. That heel was better suited to a Barbie doll than me! Oh, it was tiny! Read the pattern, people! I can't say it enough.

When I finally checked the pattern, it said US1.5. Well, I didn't have that one and my local yarn shop didn't either so to heck with it. I decided to just use the US 2 I'd been using all along. Yep, I ripped it out! 35 rows of knitting back to the end of the lace leg.

I did it the bold way too. Pulled the needles out and tugged the yarn; then went in and had to pick up all those little stitches. First time I've ever done that and hopefully the last...

If this sock doesn't kill me, at least I will have experienced every mistake that it's possible to make with a sock I believe. FYI, the sock is being knit on US2 circular needles, two of them, with Brown Sheep Nature Spun fingering weight. The color is Mountain Purple.

Sock progress pictures side and back view. As you can see, I've made up all lost ground and I'm on my way toward knitting the foot. Whether I'll get two finished by next Sunday's closing ceremonies remains to be seen.

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Lara said...

Oh grrrrrr. That must have been insanely frustrating. I congratulate you, though, you have survived and conquered by making up all lost time! Wow. The socks are gorgeous. It will be very exciting when you wear them the first time.